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"Our website is designed to allow an emerging generation of spiritually-oriented thinkers, healers and leaders to converge around new ideas and to find one another.”    Lisa Miller, PhD
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The Mystery of Agnosticism and Finger Wiggling

There are many ways that spiritual beliefs can affect our daily lives. One of them may be the way we wiggle our fingers.

Two years ago, I was teaching a yoga class about devoting your practice to something greater than yourself, when I decided to run an experiment. I wanted to take a quick survey of the spiritual beliefs in the room, and the results were surprising...Read On>>

How to Spread Love and Peace without Saying a Word

By cultivating inner peace and stability, we can build a more peaceful and stable world through the contagious power of mood.

This TED talk discusses the infectious nature of feelings. It describes how moods structure our daily existence... Watch Video>>

Finding Meaning in the Word "Spirituality"

Spirituality can be a hard word to say out loud, even for those who practice it.

I meditate, got married in a Christian church, and read about and explore many avenues of religious and nonreligious inner life regularly. However, I used to completely avoid the word...Read On>>


Best Self Visualization: Moving Towards a Science of Love

Meditative and visualization techniques developed by Columbia psychologists may be helping young men with fractured sense of self to become whole again.

When Randy entered into group therapy in a shelter in downtown Manhattan, he described his world as a house where every door he opened was filled with fire. Burning with anger, he experienced...Read On>>

The Spiritual Wit and Wisdom of Louis C.K.

Comedian Louis C.K. brings spiritual insight to late night.

In a recent late night interview with Conan O’Brien, the brilliant comic Louis C.K. delivered a simultaneously humorous and somber discourse about our use of electronic gadgets to buffer us against genuine emotional and relational connection...Read On>>

Why We Settle for Less than Abundance

In the effort to make our day-to-day lives manageable, we may be blocking out the richness of existence. 

Many of us wonder why certain individuals have spiritual experiences and what those experiences are like. But perhaps we’re asking the wrong questions. Maybe the question we should be asking is why people don’t have spiritual experiences.Read On>>


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Video: The Mission of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University

The Institute hopes to foster a new generation of spiritually-minded therapists and researchers. Watch Video>>

Video: Professor Gary Weaver Describes the Spiritual Journey through the Urban Wilderness

The steps to spiritual healing begin with the creation of a sacred space and end with a mission... Watch Video>>

 The Art of Lucid Dreaming

Dream expert Beverly D'Urso discusses how to put your brain to good use while you are sleeping...Read More>>

Self-Compassion could Help with Homesickness in College Freshman

The first step to living on your own may be learning to be kind to yourself...Read More>>

Spirituality in Clinical Practice: A New American Psychological Association Quarterly

This new APA journal publishes the latest research in the field of psychology and spirituality. See It on the APA Website>>

Yoga for the Blind: New Software may make Yoga Available to Those who Cannot See

University of Washington computer scientists are creating a program to guide blind people through yoga poses...Read More>>

How to Meditate on the Subway

Although meditating on the subway is far from ideal, it definitely beats worrying about work all the way to the office...Read More>>

East Meets West in the South: The Dalai Lama visits the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative

To bridge the gap between Buddhist teachings and Western science, the Dalai Lama stopped in Atlanta...Read More>>


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